About Blue Bird Group

Our main mission is to make people happy, give them unforgettable impressions and emotions, make the world brighter and bring more fun.

98% of satisfied clients always come back

Blue Bird Group is an expert in entertaining area and coffee business.

Annually Blue Bird company group services more than 100000 clients in its restaurants, cafes and karaoke clubs. Despite the fact that our company is still young and we have been working only since 2013, locals and tourists really like our cafes, restaurants and clubs. For most of them our places have become an integral part of their life. Our friendly team improves itself daily to become better and bring even more happiness, fun and satisfaction to our clients.

There are now 7 places with different formats in Blue Bird Group, as well as mobile karaoke bus and coffee factory. Each place has its own unique format, design, cuisine and always makes the best impressions.

At the moment the entire group of companies is working in Budapest. But very soon you will be able to visit us in other European cities.